Food Drying (Dehydration)

Food Dehydration is one of the oldest methods of preserving food and increasing its shelf life. Drying Removes moisture from vegetables and herbs and stops the growth of bacteria, yeasts & molds which can spoil food. Dry food powders retains most of the nutrients and uses lesser area for storage, thus making it a very viable long term alternative source of food.

Vegetable and Herbs Dehydration Techniques used by KPure

  • Sun or solar drying
  • Tunnel Tray drying
  • Convection air drying
  • Belt drying

Tray Dryer GMP Model


After Dehydration and cooling of vegetables and herbs it is stored in moist free hygienic containers and after quality checks the stock is sent for processing. Dehydrated food is processed and converted into powders, flakes and paste as required.


Processed powders, flakes and paste is packed under a very strict quality control regime. Sterile and moisture free packaging rooms are used for packing and branding of dehydrated food products.